SURE Books “ARE” making us stupid

Facebook too, twitter, and television.. Moocs, and guess what.. even school and university..

As a matter of fact, everything is making us stupid… IF we use it stupidly !! And the real problem is that we aften use information sources stupidly.

What is the main quality of the 21st century information sources ? We are constantly talking about 3.0. Basically, it is web 3.0 and then we annexe what ever we imagine, from television 3.0 to education 3.0. What is the magic in this number 3 ? specialists are referring to semantic web and to make things simple, we are talking here about collaboration ; collaborative knowledge creation. This is what defines the 21st century : COLLABORATION (isn’t it?).

Using any information source, in a non-collaborative way, will deprive the user from the benefits of collaboration. When some one sits in his corner surfing the web, with creating any connections or networks, he is using internet stupidly and he will be become stupid. Just as when this some one resort to a book, and read it in his corner, without making use of his reading enriching his knowledge network.

In 1893, H. G. Wells tried to foretell how the man will look like in the year 1000000 ! and he thought he would like look as the pic related to this blog. His body would be minimum, because he would not be using his hand and legs, and his head will be HUGE.. All what man would do at the time is intellectual activities !! To be honest, I do not like the image, and I do not want to look like this “creature”, but when I think about it and about new technology, I find it so realistic. Today, not in 1000000 years, nor even in 1000 years, we are sitting too many hours, living in a virtual world, and in sooooooo many cases, ignoring real life relation ships. If we are keeping doing this we will, sure, be looking like Wells “human been”, which I do not like it ! So in order to prevent this destiny, we MUST concentrate on human relationships and collaboration. This applies on internet, but also on books.


Books (ARE) tools. It is up to us to use these tools, either to make us intelligent or to make us stupid !!

Just 2 notes : 1- I remember that when I was a young child, I did not like reading books, and my parents and brother, who were all day readers tried all their possibilities to transfer their passion to reading to me ! I am sooooo thankful to them !

2- it is “Are” books making us stupid, not “is”!!!! 😉


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7 Responses to SURE Books “ARE” making us stupid

  1. dsamson says:

    It is like anything is life – it is how you use it.

  2. The “is” is a reference to the original article, of course.

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  4. drjundi says:

    Reblogged this on DrJundi and commented:
    From the blog of my genius brother.

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