Students Motivation!

imagesR7F11AUOSome days ago, I was going to ask my friend Diana Samson, as a joke of course: how can an unmotivated teacher be motivated in order to motivate his unmotivated students?!! I did not have the chance to ask her this question.. But the question/joke came back to my mind today during a meeting about student motivation. Frédéric Chirat du CAPE, who animated the meeting, talked about almost the same thing, when he siad that when a professor sees his student unmotivated, he will be demotivated, because the students are doing no effort with respect to his.. so he will stop making effort.. student will notice this and will be more unmotivated and the whole system will enter in a vicious circle which will never end. The great thing that happenned in the meeting is that I got a copy of a book entitled “la pédagogie de l’enseignement supérieur repères théoriques et applications pratiques” by Denis Berthiaume and Nicole Rege. I am really so excited to read the book!

Here are some points raised in the meeting

  1. I noticed that almost eveybody agreed about the idea of the professor being fully responsable of the outcome of the course (No one talked about rhizomatic Learning ;-)) .
  2. I liked the idea that autotuning is one sign of motivation
  3. Everybody agrees also to link success in a module to the final grade the learner gets

Here are some points that were not raised in the meeting:

  1. Learner-centered education
  2. Project based education
  3. The use of social media as a means to raise the motivation of learners
  4. Innovative education paradigms, such as Quest University
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