Textbooks are not a destiny

I think that I am one of the teachers that do not believe in “textbooks”. It is important to note that I am a university lecturer, and thus I am dealing with grownups and what I am saying in this blog is limited to university students!

Yes, I do not believe in textbooks in their “formal” and “traditional” form! I, however believe in affording students with some kind of support that they need, especially when the culture of library is not very much popularized! In fact, in the universities where I teach, libraries are not even relatively well supported by administration! You can find neither sufficient titles nor sufficient copies, and they are not modern in the sense of management!

Thus, what we do, in the best of cases, is to choose topics from among a number references and then make our lectures using presentations and then we might, or might not, give the presentations to the students! It is an “open textbook” policy! (This surely needs a teacher that knows what he is doing, but this is another story…)

Now, if we can use education technology, and make some difficult choices, such as the one taken be the UAE (http://www.ameinfo.com/uae-replace-textbooks-ipads-329680), open textbooks will be a great choice that does not comprises only “text” but rather videos, dynamic websites, portions from a number of open textbooks, etc.

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2 Responses to Textbooks are not a destiny

  1. dsamson says:

    Chadi your uae link is dead – this article covers the same topic: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/exclusive-uae-colleges-ditch-books-for-ipads-472011.html

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